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International Affairs Committee

Contacts, exchanges views and information, coordinates and cooperates with international organizations, associations and research institutes.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Deals with laws and regulations pertaining to in vitro diagnostics and investigates problems pertaining to them.

Technical Committee

With regard to in vitro diagnostics, helps assure their qualities and performances, improves the technologies involved and standardizes them and undertakes to set up and revises specifications of raw materials.

QMS Committee

Deals with requirements for manufacture control, quality control, and investigation, studies, and education for quality assure standard of in vitro diagnostics.

Distribution Committee

Investigates and studies problems pertaining to distribution of in vitro diagnostics to rationalize such distribution.

Medical Insurance Committee

Studies problems pertaining to handling of in vitro diagnostics in the medical insurance system and sees to setting up, altering and abolishing fees of tests with diagnostics.

Public Affairs Committee

Collects and provides information on JACRI organization activity. To act as a focal point of public relation activity including publication of the “JACRI NEWS”. Publishes an in vitro diagnostics directory.

Education and Training Committee

Sees to educating and training persons responsible for information on clinical diagnostics from member companies and to holding lecture meetings.