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Introducing our Japan Association of Clinical Reagents Industries (JACRI)

The Japan Association of Clinical Reagents Industries (JACRI) is an industry association composed of approximately 130 clinical reagents companies, with the goal of working for the healthy development of the industry by providing medical institutions and other entities with superior in vitro diagnostic reagents, instruments for clinical laboratory testing, and other related products; contributing to the maintenance and advancement of Japanese public health; improving welfare; and also providing diagnostic reagents for veterinary use.

The work of JACRI is undertaken through standing committees that promote the fundamental activities as an industry association; including government relations centered on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act, standardization of clinical diagnostics in collaboration with relevant academic societies, internationalization efforts, support for enhancing the qualification of employees for full member and supporting member companies, as well as awareness and support of trainings for corporate ethics.

With lifespans that are among the longest in the world, and as it becomes an super aged society, the public of Japan is seeing increasing interest in health. Demand is increasing for high quality healthcare that will extend “healthy lifespans,” throughout which people can live healthy, fulfilling lives. In addition to meeting the needs of medical settings with a stable supply of high quality diagnostic reagents, JACRI members also strive to strengthen their base of innovation toward the development of new test methods and diagnostic reagents.”

Tokuya Ono President

JACRI will continue responding to world changes with activities that fulfill its clinical reagents industry-centered role.
1. Efforts to strengthen clinical reagents development and bases of innovation
  - Contribution to the development of health and healthcare through development of innovative clinical reagents
2. Globalization of Japan’s clinical reagents
  - Promotion of placing in vitro diagnostic reagents of JACRI members in overseas markets
3. Government relations and recommendations
  - Government relations and recommendations to government in relation to issues including the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act and reimbursement of diagnostic fees
4. Cultivation and support of healthy corporate activities
  - Promotion of compliance, appropriate promotion activities

We, JACRI will continue to make our best efforts as an industry association involved in the healthcare of Japan, and we humbly ask for your understanding and support in our endeavors.